About the Blog

This is a travel blog in which posts are separated into one of five categories: Background Work, In Review, Journals, Photos, and Trip Summaries. To see all posts of a certain category, you can click the name of the category in the menu on the righthand side of the blog. (Posts are also organized by related location and type of travel experience.)


Background Work posts are generally things to read while planning or preparing for a trip. You might find information here about how I plan itineraries and save money, and there  might also be background information about a country – perhaps some common phrases, or etiquette tips.

In Review posts are basically my impressions of people, places, and things. In this category are descriptions of and information about places I’ve visited, food I’ve sampled, and perhaps restaurants I’ve eaten at and hostels I’ve slept in.

Journal posts are my travel stories. This is where you can read about the time I watched Mt. Arenal erupt, learned Scottish dancing in Times Square on New Years Eve, or the two trips I’ve made to Hell, to give a few examples.

Photo posts are generally the shortest posts, and basically present a photo I’ve taken abroad, along with a brief description – because sometimes a picture really is worth 1,000 words.

Trip Summaries are posts I write for each trip I take, summarizing the itineraries, highlights, and other pertinent information, as well as directing readers to all other posts that relate to a specific trip. Normally, a trip summary will be posted upon my return from a given trip, however, for trips taken before the blog was created (summer 2010), trip summaries were posted in May 2010.

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